Finance & Technology Product Manager

Hi there! My name is Jake, and I'm a multi-disciplinary product manager who specializes in SaaS products in the finance sector. Since 2015, I've worked with agencies, startups, and enterprise companies to ship digital products.

As a product manager and designer, I help systems make sense to the people who use them. Difficult problems and the collaborative design process fuel my drive to improve people’s lives through human-centered design.

I'm currently the Director of Product Management at Context 365, a SaaS app that aids investors in the alternative asset industry meet and allocate capital effectively.

Previously, I've helped large enterprises differentiate themselves from their competition. I've had the opportunity to work with clients such as 🌯 Chipotle ($CMG), 🀝 ADP ($ADP), 🎢 The NY Philharmonic, πŸ— Koch Industries, πŸͺ™ ConsenSys, πŸ“Š Clarivate Analytics ($CCC), πŸͺ‘ HNI ($HNI) and the πŸ€ Brooklyn Nets.

Outside of work, I run the world’s largest real-time UX design community, Designer Hangout.

I enjoy πŸ›Ή long-boarding, πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ biking, πŸ“Έ taking pictures, πŸͺ΄ gardening, and πŸ“š reading.

My current interests are alternative investments, marketplaces, network effects, software, and product design.


To contact me, send me a message on Twitter @jacobrogelberg or send me a connection request on LinkedIn.