Jacob Rogelberg | UX Designer, NYC | Founder of Designer Hangout

Jacob Rogelberg

UX Designer, Community Builder, Essentialist, Full of Ideas, Side Project Junkie, Ahead of the Trends

UX Designer

My drive to understand people and improve their lives fuels my passion as a UX designer and researcher. I enjoy difficult problems, the collaborative design process and working on teams that do great work. I am currently a UX designer at Lifion, a special ADP venture where I work with a skilled team of designers dedicated to improving the HR experience for employees, managers, executives and HR practitioners.

I have had the pleasure to work with a large range of clients including New Relic, Adobe, The New York Philharmonic, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Chipotle, Fidelity Payments, Optimal Workshop, O'Reilly Media, InVision and ADP.

Community Builder

I am someone who understands how to lead, inspire, and listen to build cohesive and collaborative communities with a shared mission. I am the founder of Designer Hangout, a global, invite-only UX community of over 7,500 UX designers and researchers.


I am someone who meticulously cuts away everything that doesn't get me closer to achieving my goals by simplifying, testing, and asking 'Why' to get to the core of problems. I am a proponent of lean methodology and apply it vigorously to validate ideas and design software on agile teams.

Full of Ideas

I am someone who is full of ideas, insatiably curious, open minded and leverages the power of great ideas and great stories to bring meaningful change.

Side Project Junkie & Ahead of the Trends

I am someone who likes to learn new things and experiment hands on so I can learn through doing and stay ahead of the trends.

I curate a bi-weekly UX newsletter with 6,000+ subscribers and manage two online publications Designer Hangout and Ask Me Anything :: Design. When I'm not working on my side projects, I'm experimenting with machine learning and conversational user interfaces.

Say Hi

email: jacob /at/ jacobrogelberg.com

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